Mass Provisioning Done Right

Developed by Bryodyn, the Tactical-Knox Provisioning Kit is a fully configured, field deployable Knox Server which supports the Samsung S9/20 Tactical Edition On-Premise software licensing requirements. Included with the Provisioning Kit is a removable rugged laptop with pre­configured software and all the hardware and cabling packaged in the lower tray of the rugged case. One year of Knox server software maintenance and a three-year warranty on the laptop is also included. Optional extended maintenance plans are available. Bryodyn’s systems engineers will fully configure the Tactical­-Knox Provisioning Kit (TPK) to your specifications. The TPK includes Bryodyn’s Mission Builder™ software which provides users with the ability to mass provision Android End User Devices (EUDs) in a timely manner. For a demonstration, or to discuss package options, please contact us today.