Program/Project Management

Bryodyn’s comprehensive program/project management services help keep your project on time and on budget. Our project managers pay close attention to the details, while remaining proactive to minimize risk and resolve potential issues as they arise.

systems design & engineering

Bryodyn’s systems engineers are skilled at designing, incorporating, and managing even the most complex of systems from initial concept through to delivery. Potential impact failures are proactively identified and resolved.

systems administration

Bryodyn’s systems administrators ensures your hardware, software, servers, computer workstations, and mobile devices are running as intended.

security audit & assessments

Our security auditors thoroughly test and assess your organization’s security capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses to measure how well cyber security measures are performing. Our team will find solutions to any gaps identified and will work with you to address it.

data analytics

Translating numbers into useful data is an art form. Our data analytics team will gather data within your systems, organize it, and draw quantifiable conclusions which are useful and support active design-making.

hardware/software support

Buying hardware and software systems is easy. Ensuring they are working as anticipated can be challenging. Bryodyn’s support team is there for you 24/7 regardless of location. Your systems will run efficiently and accurately with all maintenance and upgrades managed with ease.

database design & implementation

A well-configured database is important. Our database modeling team will ensure that database elements are working together as intended and any anticipated risks are avoided.

mobile device/server development

It’s more important than ever to ensure your mobile devices and servers are secure and safe from internal and external threats. Byrodyn’s systems engineers will protect your critical information and technology infrastructure and provide real-time security where you need it most.